UK Perfect Replica Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542 (18-Karat Yellow Gold, Burgundy-Brown Bakelite Bezel, Alpha Hands): 1958-59

With the 6542, we see that gold examples have been part of the mix from the early days of the cheap fake Rolex GMT-Master, making it the first of Rolex’s sport watches to be made in gold (though there were certain pre-Daytona chronographs made in gold). The literally high-flying world of international commercial aviation was better suited to precious-metal tool watches than the SCUBA environment that gave rise to the luxury replica Rolex Submariner just a couple of years earlier, it seems.

As with the steel version, the gold 1:1 replica Rolex GMT-Master 6542 had a 38mm case. The original gold 6542 bezels are likewise Bakelite, though rather than the bi-color blue and red, they were burgundy-brown in hue. There were two dials that came with the gold 6542. The Swiss copy watch that we have here features the lighter champagne dial, but there is also a version of the gold 6542 with a darker tawny dial that is more close in hue to the burgundy-brown bezel insert.

This is also the first instance of what will become a recurring theme in gold AAA fake Rolex GMT-Masters, the nipple marker for the hours. The nipple-style marker will be a hallmark of the gold Rolex GMT-Master replica for sale for several years, right up to and including the transitional ref. 16758. The example that we have here is on a pristine gold Oyster bracelet. And the case came with a Twinlock crown, also in yellow gold, identified by the line underneath the five-pointed top fake Rolex coronet, making it an “underline” crown.

Whereas the steel 6542 has a Mercedes hour hand and lollipop seconds, typical of UK high quality replica Rolex sport watches, the minutes and hours of the gold 6542 are alpha hands, and the seconds are of a simple baton style with counterweight. Like the steel 6542, the GMT hand features a small triangle. The movement used in this Swiss movement fake Rolex is the cal. 1065.

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