UK Luxury Rolex GMT-MASTER II Ref. 126720VTNR Replica Watches For Sale

Ref. 126720VTNR is the watch that crashed the Internet because for the first time, the cheap fake Rolex GMT-Master II crown configuration and date are moved to the left. The 126720VTNR is the right hand drive of UK AAA replica Rolex watches, and the caliber 3285 movement is rotated so that the winding system and crown guard are in the left-hand configuration, and the date disc is modified to be read from the left. Setting the date is not only a curiosity, it’s also a bit disorienting. Instead of turning the crown upwards to advance the date, the left-handed crown now turn downwards to advance the date.

The looming question is why put such a rarity into serial production? Historically, a left-handed luxury replica Rolex UK was never sought after by professionals. In the 1970s, Tudor supplied the Marine nationale (French Navy) with left-handed super clone Rolex Submariner Ref. 9401 watch heads by special request for professional diving. Then in 2016, Tudor revived the left-handed watch when it serially produced the Pelagos LHD (Left Hand Drive) for a brief time. There was also the ultra-rare and likely unique left hand perfect fake Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 6542 that Phillips auctioned in 2018 for HK$2,125,000 (USD $271,100).

The official Rolex replica for sale answer to my question is, “To offer variety.” Yet, a better theory is that Rolex is either pandering to speculators seeking an instant collectible, or the left hand Swiss movement replica Rolex GMT-Master II is the answer to a question nobody asked.

In any event, top copy Rolex fans now have their own Destro to appreciate. Everything else from the 2018 GMT-MASTER II remains unchanged, except for the color of the green and black Cerachrom bezel which has already earned several nicknames, including “Sprite”, “Starbucks”, “Green Lantern” and so on.
Since 2013, Swiss made fake Rolex has mastered the precision manufacturing of its monobloc ceramic bezel in two colors. Crafting a Cerachrom bezel begins with a ceramic powder mix with added pigments and a binding agent. The resulting paste is shaped into a bezel blank by high-pressure moulding. A first stage heat treatment eliminates the binding agent. Next, the substrate is impregnated with a metalised chemical solution. The insert is then superheated to 1600° to fuse the particles together and create one solid piece. During the process, the insert shrinks nearly 25% and the final color is revealed.

This year, high quality fake Rolex not only achieved the green color for its GMT bezel, but also modified the chemical composition of its ceramic mix to change the color of half its ceramic insert from green to black. The result is a single-piece Cerachrom insert that is green for the hours between 6 am and 6 pm, with a crisp demarcation of black for the hours between 6 pm and 6 am.

For the cheap replica Rolex GMT 126720VTNR, the entire bezel is coated with a one-micron-thick layer of platinum by way of a patented PVD process. The platinum is then diamond-polished until only the platinum inside the numerals and graduations remains. The glossy polished surfaces, contrasted by the depth and matte finish of the platinum, create a three-dimensional effect for optimal legibility.

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