Differences Between The Luxury 1:1 Fake Rolex GMT-Master And GMT-Master II Watches UK

The best replica Rolex GMT-Master and GMT-Master II series watches have several key differences, particularly in functionality and design. These distinctions have evolved over the years to meet the needs of travelers and watch enthusiasts alike.


The original GMT-Master was revolutionary for its time, allowing users to track two time zones simultaneously. This was achieved through a 24-hour hand and a rotating bezel that could be adjusted to reflect a second time zone. This functionality was particularly useful for pilots and frequent travelers who needed to keep track of their home and destination times.

The GMT-Master II took this functionality a step further by introducing the independent GMT hand. This allowed the 24-hour hand to be set separately from the main hour hand, enabling users to track three time zones simultaneously: local time with the main hands, a second time zone with the GMT hand, and a third time zone by rotating the bezel. This innovation significantly enhanced the UK AAA Rolex fake watches’ versatility and made it a more powerful tool for global travelers​.

Design and Materials


Case and Bezel Materials: Available in stainless steel, two-tone yellow gold and stainless steel, and full yellow gold. Early models featured Bakelite bezels, which were later replaced by aluminum

Bezel Options: Various bezel color options, including black, blue (Blueberry), blue and red (Pepsi), and brown and beige (Root Beer)

Bracelet Options: Offered with both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets.

Luminous Materials: Early models used Radium, which was later replaced by Tritium, and eventually Luminova

Water Resistance: Initially 50 meters, increased to 100 meters in later models.

Crystal: Early models had acrylic crystals, with later models featuring sapphire crystals​

GMT-Master II:

Case and Bezel Materials: Available in stainless steel, Yellow Rolesor (yellow gold and stainless steel), Everose Rolesor (Everose gold and stainless steel), solid white gold, solid yellow gold, and solid Everose gold

Bezel Options: Early models featured aluminum bezels, with Cerachrom ceramic bezels introduced from 2007 onwards. Current models offer a variety of two-tone bezel options, including blue and red (Pepsi), black and blue (Batman), brown and black (Root Beer), and black and red (Coke)

Bracelet Options: Comes with both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets, with some models also available with gem-set Serti dials and bezels in luxury versions

Luminous Materials: Used Tritium initially, followed by Luminova, Superluminova, and most recently, Chromalight, which emits a long-lasting blue glow

Water Resistance: All models are water-resistant to 100 meters

Crystal: All models feature sapphire crystals​

Most Notable GMT-Master and GMT-Master II References

Throughout the years, both the cheap replica Rolex GMT-Master and the GMT-Master II watches have seen numerous references, each with its unique attributes, color schemes, and technological advancements, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Some of these references have gained iconic status due to their rarity, historical significance, or their place in popular culture.

Replica Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi ref 6542 Watches (1955-1959)

The Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542, introduced in 1955, was designed specifically for Pan American Airways pilots to assist them with tracking multiple time zones on transcontinental flights. This model featured a distinctive red and blue Bakelite bezel, which became known as the “Pepsi” bezel, providing an intuitive day and night indication.

However, the Bakelite material was prone to cracking, and made use of radioactive material (radium) for its luminescence. This led Rolex to replace it with a safer and more durable aluminum insert in 1956.

The ref 6542’s 38mm case lacked crown guards, a feature that would be added in later models to protect the winding crown from damage. Inside, the perfect Rolex copy watches housed three different calibers over its production run: Caliber 1036, Caliber 1065, and Caliber 1066, all of which were automatic movements that powered the time, date, and 24-hour hand.

The reference 6542 is also famously known as the “Pussy Galore” due to its appearance in the James Bond film “Goldfinger.” Its short production run and unique features make it a highly collectible and iconic timepiece in Rolex’s history​.

Fake Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi 1675 Watches (1959-1980)

The top replica Rolex GMT-Master Reference 1675 watches, introduced in 1959, is one of the most iconic and recognizable models in the GMT-Master series. This reference marked the introduction of crown guards, which provided additional protection for the winding crown.

The 1675 was available in various bezel and dial combinations, including the classic “Pepsi” bezel, and was the first to feature the now standard 40mm case size. This model also saw the transition from Radium to Tritium for luminescence, improving safety and durability.

The 1675 initially housed the Caliber 1565, later updated to the Caliber 1575 in the late 1960s, which included a hacking feature for precise time-setting. Collectors highly value the early “exclamation point” dials, marked with a small dot below the 6 o’clock index to indicate reduced radium levels. The Reference 1675 was produced for over two decades, making it a staple in Rolex’s lineup and a favorite among vintage watch enthusiasts​.

Rolex GMT-Master Reference 1675/3 Replica Watches (1970-1980)

The Rolex GMT-Master Reference 1675/3, introduced in 1970, is a distinguished two-tone variant of the iconic 1675. This model uniquely combines stainless steel with 18k yellow gold, resulting in a watch that exudes both robustness and luxury. The 1675/3 is particularly noted for its distinctive “Root Beer” aesthetic, featuring a rich brown dial with gold accents and a matching black and gold bezel. This dial, often referred to as the “nipple dial” due to its raised gold hour markers, adds to the best fake Rolex watches‘ unique character.

Under the hood, the 1675/3 is powered by the Caliber 1575 movement, an automatic chronometer movement that includes a GMT function and a date complication. While it did not feature the quick-set date function introduced in later models like the 16753, it offered reliability and precision, making it a popular choice among both professionals and watch enthusiasts.

The two-tone design of the 1675/3, coupled with its robust construction, made it appealing to those who wanted a timepiece that could transition seamlessly from a professional setting to a more casual or luxurious environment. The combination of precious metals and the unique color scheme provided a touch of opulence to the GMT-Master line, enhancing its desirability and collectability.

Over its decade-long production run, the 1675/3 saw variations in dial and bezel designs, contributing to its rich history and appeal among collectors. Today, the Reference 1675/3 remains a celebrated model for its distinctive aesthetics and the perfect blend of style and functionality​.

Rolex GMT Master Coke 16750 Fake Watches (1980-1988)

The Rolex GMT-Master Reference 16750, introduced around 1980, brought significant advancements to the GMT-Master series, positioning itself as a transitional model between vintage and modern Rolex super clone watches wholesale. One of the most notable upgrades was the introduction of the Caliber 3075 movement, which offered a quick-set date function.

This innovation allowed users to set the date independently of the main time, significantly enhancing convenience. The Caliber 3075 also increased the movement’s frequency to 28,800 vibrations per hour (vph) compared to the previous 19,800 vph, improving accuracy and reliability.

Another major improvement was the enhanced water resistance. The 16750 doubled the depth rating from 50 meters to 100 meters, making it more durable and versatile for various conditions. This reference also marked the transition from acrylic crystals to sapphire crystals in subsequent models, although the 16750 itself retained the acrylic crystal.

During its production run, the 16750 featured two main dial variations. Early models came with matte black dials and painted tritium hour markers, while later versions transitioned to glossy dials with white gold surrounds, adding a touch of elegance and improving legibility. This change in dial design also gave rise to the rare and collectible “Spider dials,” known for their unique cracked lacquer appearance due to a manufacturing defect.

The bezel options for the 16750 included the iconic red and blue “Pepsi” bezel and a more subdued all-black bezel. The Swiss made replica Rolex watches was available with both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets, providing versatility in style and wearability.

Overall, the 16750 retained the classic design elements of its predecessors while incorporating modern advancements, making it a highly sought-after model among collectors for its blend of vintage charm and contemporary functionality.

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 16700 Watches (1988-1999)

The Rolex GMT-Master Reference 16700, produced from 1988 to 1999, was the final model in the original GMT-Master line before the series was fully succeeded by the GMT-Master II.

This reference featured a sapphire crystal and the Caliber 3175 movement, which retained the traditional non-independent GMT hand setup. The 16700 offered a more affordable alternative to the GMT-Master II while still providing essential features like the date function and the iconic rotating bezel.

This model also marked the transition from Tritium to Luminova for luminescence in 1997, enhancing its long-term legibility and safety. The Reference 16700 ran concurrently with the early GMT-Master II models, appealing to those who preferred the classic GMT-Master functionality and design​.

Fake Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 16760 Watches (1982-1988)

The Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 16760, introduced in 1983, was the first model in the GMT-Master II series and brought several significant innovations to Rolex’s lineup. Known as the “Fat Lady” due to its thicker case, this design was necessary to house the new Caliber 3085 movement, which allowed the 24-hour hand to be set independently of the main hour hand. This feature enabled the tracking of three time zones, a revolutionary development for frequent travelers.

The 16760 featured a red and black bezel, known as the “Coke” bezel, a first for the GMT-Master line. The fake Rolex watches for men also marked the introduction of several modern features, including a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and white gold surrounds on the hour markers to prevent tarnishing. It was exclusively available in stainless steel, with no precious metal variants, and could be paired with either the Oyster or Jubilee bracelet. Despite its relatively short production run, ending in 1988, the 16760 set a new standard for the GMT-Master series and remains highly collectible due to its numerous firsts and unique attributes.

Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 16710 Replica Watches (1989-2007)

The Swiss movements replica Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 16710 watches, launched in 1989, is renowned for its blend of classic design and modern functionality. This model succeeded the GMT-Master II 16760 and featured the slimmer Caliber 3185 movement, later updated to the Caliber 3186. These movements allowed for the independent adjustment of the 24-hour GMT hand, a hallmark of the GMT-Master II series, enabling wearers to track three time zones simultaneously. The 16710 also introduced the Triplock crown, enhancing water resistance up to 100 meters.

One of the most distinctive features of the 16710 is its bezel options. Rolex offered this model with the iconic red and blue “Pepsi” bezel, the red and black “Coke” bezel, and an all-black bezel. This variety allowed for greater customization and appealed to a wide range of tastes. The watch was available with both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets, further adding to its versatility.

Throughout its production run, the 16710 underwent several updates. Early models used tritium for luminescence, marked with “T<25” on the dial, which was later replaced by Luminova in 1998 and then Super-LumiNova in 2000. Another significant update was the transition from drilled lug holes to solid end-links and a no-holes case design in 2003, enhancing the watch’s robustness and modern appeal.

The Reference 16710 was produced until 2007, marking the end of the pre-ceramic GMT-Master era. It remains highly sought after by collectors for its historical significance, versatile design, and the nostalgic charm of its aluminum bezel inserts​.

Rolex GMT Master II Reference 116710 / 116710 BLNR Fake Watches (2007-2019)

The Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 116710, introduced in 2007, marked a significant advancement in the GMT-Master series, heralding the era of Cerachrom bezels. The 116710LN featured a black Cerachrom ceramic bezel that was highly resistant to scratches and UV rays, ensuring it maintained its color and pristine condition over time. This material was a substantial improvement over the previously used aluminum bezels, which were prone to fading and scratches.

Powered by the Caliber 3186 movement, the 116710 included Rolex’s proprietary Parachrom hairspring, which offered enhanced accuracy and resistance to shocks and temperature variations. This movement was an evolution of the earlier Caliber 3185, featuring improved reliability and precision. The cheap replica Rolex watches also introduced the Maxi dial, with larger hour markers and hands for improved legibility, and a Triplock crown for enhanced water resistance up to 100 meters.

In 2013, Rolex expanded the 116710 line with the introduction of the 116710BLNR, known as the “Batman,” which featured a distinctive blue and black Cerachrom bezel. This model quickly became a favorite among collectors due to its unique color scheme and modern advancements. The 116710 series offered both Oyster and Jubilee bracelet options, adding versatility and appeal. The references 116710LN and 116710BLNR remained in production until 2019, solidifying their status as highly desirable models in the GMT-Master II lineup​.

Replica Rolex GMT Master II Black Brown Root Beer Rose Gold Mens Watches 126715 CHNR (2018 – present)

The Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 126715 CHNR, introduced in 2018, is a remarkable fusion of luxury and advanced watchmaking technology. This model is crafted entirely from Everose gold, Rolex’s proprietary rose gold alloy, which includes a small amount of platinum to ensure its durability and resistance to fading. The best quality replica Rolex watches features a unique black and brown Cerachrom bezel, affectionately known as the “Root Beer” bezel, which provides a sophisticated and vintage-inspired look.

Powered by the Caliber 3285 movement, the 126715 CHNR offers a 70-hour power reserve and exceptional precision. This movement includes Rolex’s patented Chronergy escapement and Parachrom hairspring, enhancing its reliability and resistance to shocks and magnetic fields. The watch also boasts a Chromalight display, which provides long-lasting blue luminescence for excellent legibility in low-light conditions.

The 40mm case of the 126715 CHNR is water-resistant to 100 meters, thanks to its robust Oyster construction and Triplock crown. The watch is paired with an Everose gold Oyster bracelet, featuring a folding Oysterlock safety clasp and Easylink comfort extension link, ensuring both security and comfort.

This reference is a testament to Rolex’s continuous innovation and dedication to blending functionality with elegance, making it a standout choice for those seeking both style and performance in a high-end timepiece​

Fake Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi 126710 BLRO Watches (2018-Present)

The Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 126710 BLRO, introduced in 2018, brought back the iconic blue and red “Pepsi” bezel, now made from Cerachrom. This model features the Caliber 3285 movement, which provides a 70-hour power reserve and enhanced performance. The 126710 BLRO is available with a Jubilee bracelet, offering a blend of tradition and modernity. The use of Cerachrom for the bezel ensures it is highly resistant to scratches and maintains its vibrant color over time.

The combination of the classic “Pepsi” bezel with modern materials and technology makes the 126710 BLRO a highly sought-after model among collectors and enthusiasts alike. The Jubilee bracelet adds a touch of elegance, while the advanced movement ensures the Rolex replica watches for sale performs to the highest standards. The 126710 BLRO represents a perfect fusion of Rolex’s historical design elements with contemporary watchmaking advancements, making it a standout piece in the current GMT-Master II collection​.

Rolex GMT Master II Sprite Bezel Oystersteel 126720 VTNR Replica Watches (2023-Present)

The Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 126720 VTNR, affectionately nicknamed the “Sprite,” was introduced in 2022, marking a notable departure from traditional designs. This model features a left-handed crown, also known as a “destro” configuration, designed for those who prefer wearing their luxury replica Rolex watches on the right wrist. This is a rarity in Rolex’s lineup and reflects their commitment to inclusivity and innovation. The 126720 VTNR sports a striking green and black Cerachrom bezel, a color combination that has quickly become iconic within the GMT-Master series.

The watch is powered by the in-house Caliber 3285 movement, which boasts a 70-hour power reserve and includes advanced features like the Parachrom hairspring and Chronergy escapement, ensuring exceptional accuracy and durability. The dial is classic black with Chromalight luminescence for excellent legibility. The date window is positioned at 9 o’clock, another unique feature of this model, further distinguishing it from other GMT-Master II references.

The 40mm case is crafted from Oystersteel, offering robustness and corrosion resistance. The 126720 VTNR is available with both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets, providing versatility in style. The introduction of this model has not only added a fresh aesthetic but also expanded the GMT-Master II’s appeal to a broader audience, making it a significant addition to Rolex’s storied collection​.

Rolex GMT-Master II “Bruce Wayne” Reference 126710 GRNR Fake Watches (2024-Present)

The Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 126710 GRNR, introduced in 2024, continues Rolex’s tradition of innovation with a new gray-and-black bicolor bezel made from high-tech ceramic. Dubbed the “Bruce Wayne,” this model showcases Rolex’s mastery in combining aesthetics with advanced materials. The gray and black Cerachrom bezel is not only visually striking but also offers exceptional durability and resistance to fading.

The 126710 GRNR is powered by the state-of-the-art Caliber 3285 movement, featuring a 70-hour power reserve and enhanced precision thanks to Rolex’s patented Chronergy escapement. This movement is COSC-certified, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability. The replica Rolex watches wholesale retains the classic 40mm Oystersteel case, known for its robustness and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for various conditions.

This model is available with both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets, each offering a distinct style and level of comfort. The Oyster bracelet lends a sportier feel, while the Jubilee bracelet adds a touch of elegance, providing versatility for different occasions. The dial features Rolex’s Chromalight display, ensuring excellent legibility in low-light conditions.

The “Bruce Wayne” GMT-Master II not only expands the aesthetic options within the series but also reinforces Rolex’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. This reference is a testament to Rolex’s ability to blend tradition with modern advancements, appealing to both collectors and new enthusiasts alike​.

Final Thoughts

The Rolex GMT-Master and GMT-Master II have cemented their status as icons in the world of horology. From their inception as tools for pilots to their current status as symbols of luxury and precision, these Swiss made Rolex replica watches continue to captivate enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Whether you are considering purchasing a vintage model or the latest release, understanding the rich history and key features of the GMT-Master series will undoubtedly enhance your appreciation for this legendary timepiece.

Perfect AAA UK Rolex Replica Watches Pre-owned Partners Continue To Disagree On Prices

Rolex has been relentlessly expanding its Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programme with at least 33 authorised dealers around the world now onboarded, and over 3,600 best Rolex replica watches on sale with the official Rolex CPO tags and two year international warranty.

The big three in Rolex CPO are Bucherer in Europe and Bucherer | Tourneau in the United States, Watches of Switzerland on both sides of the Atlantic and The 1916 Company, a fusion of WatchBox, Govberg Jewelers, Radcliffe Jewelers and Hyde Park Jewelers in America.

The 1916 Company, which draws on the pre-owned watch trading experience and scale of WatchBox, launched Rolex CPO with 1:1 UK Rolex fake watches priced significantly below its rivals in the scheme, demonstrating that it will be retailers, not Rolex, that will set prices.

Morgan Stanley, in partnership with WatchCharts, has compared how retailers have been pricing their Rolex CPO and also how these prices measure up against wider market prices offered by dealers outside the cheap replica Rolex watches tent.

The research shows a significant variance between retailers in research updated on January 8 with The 1916 Company charging an average premium of 17% for official high quality copy Rolex CPO watches compared to pieces that have not been through the Rolex-backed servicing and authentication process on the wider secondary market.

Watches of Switzerland Group charges a 33% premium over market prices in the UK and 39% more in its USA showrooms and ecommerce site.

Bucherer in Europe and Bucherer | Tourneau in the United States charge 30% more for its top replica Rolex CPO watches than unofficial market prices.

Although analysing prices for 3,600 Rolex fake watches wholesale is a significant sample size, the Morgan Stanley research does highlight the vast array of references that feed into that pool.

Not only are there over a dozen collections in the Rolex catalogue, each collection has myriad variations and, when it comes to the Rolex CPO market, the Rolex super clone watches shop can be from any year, as long as they are more than three years old.

Hello, Newman: A Collector Looks Askance At The Cult Of The UK Perfect Paul Newman Rolex Daytona Fake Watches

Those two words conjure up a number of associations: actor, successful Le Mans endurance racer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and loving family man among others.

But for watch lovers, the name “Paul Newman” is associated first and foremost with Rolex, and in particular with a subset of that brand’s AAA Rolex Daytona replica watches with specific dial characteristics, including a recessed outer seconds track and subdials that feature block-shaped hash marks and Art Deco-style Arabic numerals.

Over the past few years I’ve bought vintage watches (see A Contemporary Watch Collector Goes Vintage), purchased my first Rolex (see Great Rolex Experiment With the GMT Master II Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Crown), and mused in print here at Quill & Pad about the value of rarity (see The Value Of Rarity: Christie’s Auctions A Black-Dialed A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 In Stainless Steel) and the drivers of auction valuations for vintage watches.

But I have to confess that none of that has fully prepared me to understand the cult of the Paul Newman Daytona, which has now been whipped into an outright frenzy when Phillips auctioned one of Mr. Newman’s very own luxury UK fake Rolex “Paul Newman” watches at its October 2017 auction in New York (see Paul Newman’s Own Paul Newman Rolex Daytona To Go Up For Auction).

Update: the watch went under the hammer for an eye-watering $17,752,500!

So what to make of the whole Newman mania and how likely am I as a collector to join the crowd of rabid enthusiasts seeking to buy one of these pieces?

Why I’m a “no”

If you’ve ever watched episodes of “Seinfeld,” you will have picked up pretty quickly that Jerry had a particular dislike for one of his neighbors, a postal worker known only as “Newman.”

In subsequent interviews, Seinfeld has explained that there was no specific reason why his character hated Newman, but I know my reasons for being reluctant to embrace the cheap replica Rolex Paul Newman Daytona watches.

Always too much: I’ll confess that I have flirted with the idea of going after a “Paul Newman” Daytona more than once in the past, but each time I do, the asking price has escalated into a range that I find unacceptable.

The analogous example that comes to mind here from the vintage car world is the Fiat Jolly, a “resort car” with wicker seats and a fringed top that was originally manufactured circa 1960 for Italian seaside resorts.

When a nice used Jolly was $20,000 I thought it might be fun at $10,000. When I finally sucked it up and was prepared to spend $20,000, the number had become $40,000. Now the number is closer to $100,000, and I don’t think I’ll ever go there!

Similarly, as the ‘Paul Newman’ has taken on cult status within and beyond the watch world, the prices have gone up exponentially.

A watch for people who don’t know watches: One reason for the explosion in value is that the Paul Newman Daytona has become a popular purchase well beyond the world of serious vintage collectors or even of watch enthusiasts in general.

While I don’t begrudge the various celebrities and self-characterized “ballers” who have discovered the Newman Rolex copy watches for men but aren’t in any way students of horology, I don’t have to like what the mainstreaming of the ‘Paul Newman’’s appeal among the affluent has done to its valuation and public perception.

A few years ago, I bid at auction on the leather “Eisenhower” jacket that Ike himself wore during the planning for the D-Day invasion, four-star shoulder patches and all, without having done any research on it or analogous items.

Had I prevailed, my guess is that serious devotees of presidential history and military memorabilia would (and should) have viewed me in the same vein as I see some of the current generation of Paul Newman buyers.

Stylish reject: When the Daytonas with so-called “exotic” dials (with depressed outer rims in different colors from the main dial) were introduced, they were quite unpopular, and few were made. Once one of these high quality Rolex replica watches became associated with Newman, however, demand – and value – began to grow.

In a slightly different sense, we’ve seen a similar phenomenon with the Patek Philippe Reference 5020, a TV-screen shaped watch that has turned from a largely rejected ugly duckling into a “must-have” collector piece due to its rarity.

While the boxy hash marks and pronounced numerals on the Newman’s subdials are certainly distinctive, I’ll say the unthinkable: to me, they’re really not that attractive.

Tiny distinctions, big valuations: While this point isn’t unique to the Paul Newman, it certainly comes into play: if, in addition to being a Paul Newman, your best fake Rolex watches happens to have a retailer’s name like Tiffany or Linz printed on the dial, or even better the modest word “Oyster” printed beneath the main “Rolex Cosmograph” label on a tropical (translation: corroded) dial, you’ve just hit the jackpot to the tune of 700 large to $2 million plus.

By the time that we need to search for such minuscule distinctions to decide who has something of value, I’m smelling a bubble.

Frankens and frauds: Not surprisingly, what goes hand in hand with the point above is the irresistible temptation, at least for some, to turn less valuable Swiss movements Rolex Daytona super clone watches into more valuable ones by re-printing the dials or swapping parts.

While some counter measures exist such as verifying the serial number ranges, I’m thinking that there is no sure safeguard against finding after the fact that your “Paul Newman” actually has a replacement service dial installed in a watch that started its life as a garden-variety Daytona; your “untouched” dial has had some of its applied indices replaced; or that you’ve bought a piece like the so-called “Texas dial” watches (on which the outer seconds ring on the dial is at the same level as the main dial rather than depressed) that are of disputed authenticity.

Have you worn one: I have, and while it sits pretty nicely on the wrist the best word I can conjure up for the overall wearing impression is “flimsy.” That goes double for the original bracelets, which are far less substantial than today’s robust Rolex solid-link bracelets, and whose condition is often quite optimistically described.

If the description reads “tight” I translate it as “tinny”; “shows some wear” comes off more as “like wet toilet tissue” in my experience.

And as long as I’m at it, I’m not that fond of the pusher feel on the AAA China replica Rolex Newman chronograph watches, either; as watches from this general era go I’m much more drawn to pieces like the Breguet Type XX “big eye” chronographs both aesthetically and functionally.

Why I’m conflicted

Okay, so here’s the part where I confess that I idolized Paul Newman, the man.

Somewhere in a box, I still have the commemorative copy of People Magazine that celebrated his life. In my guise as a car nut and amateur open-wheel racer, I saw him as both a true enthusiast and a legitimate hot shoe.

Cool Hand Luke and his performance therein remain among my very favorites in the film world, and while I won’t go down the long list, many of his other performances have stayed with me as well.

Then there’s his and his family’s charity work, which the sale of his Daytona at Phillips this October will benefit, making this a great reason to support the sale of this particular top fake Rolex watches (proceeds from the sale will go to a charitable organization called the Nell Newman Foundation).

And at least by most accounts, he was a devoted husband and father. His famous line about being faithful to his wife Joanne Woodward “I have steak at home; why go out for hamburger?” was at the same time immediately memorable, mildly offensive (reportedly Woodward hated being compared to a cut of meat), and wonderfully endearing.

In addition, Newman was a legitimate “Rolex guy.”

He reportedly owned at least five different Daytona models over the years along with other Rolexes, and not only wore them regularly but gave many of them away to friends and family members.

Newman and Rolex are so tightly linked that for me, owning a “Newman” Rolex would be a suitable tribute to the man.

In my fantasies, at least, he must also have found the stock metal bracelets wanting as he wore his Daytonas on a variety of leather straps; for me both a further reason to admire the man and a potential mitigation for one of my objections to the best quality Rolex replica watches.

Finally, there are some aspects of the Newman Daytona look that I do find appealing! In particular I’ll call out the subtle pebble graining of the main dial, especially on the ivory-dialed pieces I’ve seen.

The bottom line

Let’s start with what is perhaps obvious: while I’m a great admirer of Newman and have a certain weakness for bidding on objects such as Eisenhower’s jacket and Albert Einstein’s watch (a story for another time, perhaps), this October lot at Phillips is going to be way out of reach for me.

I do plan on attending the auction, though, wish all the best to the prospective bidders and to the Newman charities that will benefit, and expect an astonishing hammer price.

While I do have some concerns that another childhood hero of mine, Arnold Palmer, will live on in the collective consciousness mostly as a lemonade-iced tea drink, I don’t think there’s any chance that “Paul Newman” will be remembered primarily as the name of a wristwatch given Newman’s many accomplishments and ongoing charitable legacy.

I don’t “need” to own Newman Rolex replica watches shop to show my respect for the man and I’ll probably do more good for those in need by continuing my regular purchases of Newman’s Own products – so I think I’ll stick to that!