Vintage UK Luxury Rolex ‘Pepsi’ GMT-Master Replica Watches With Ties To Apollo 14 Is Heading To Auction

Bob’s Watches launched its first online auction back in the fall of 2018. Since then, the preowned retailer has hosted a number of sales, unsurprisingly with a focus on best Rolex replica watches from The Crown. Coming up on the auction block this Friday, November 10th is special UK AAA fake Rolex “Pepsi” GMT-Master Ref. 1675 watches from 1968.

This particular high quality replica Rolex GMT-Master watches comes with the added bonus of historical significance. The luxury Rolex copy watches comes from its original owner, United States Navy veteran Thomas Francis Finley Jr. Finley served for 28 years, retired as a captain, and has volunteered on the U.S.S. Midway stationed at Navy Pier in San Diego for the past 17 years. He joined the Navy in October of 1966 and piloted the H3 helicopter for a variety of special operations, including the retrieval of the astronauts from Apollo 14 after splashing down in the South Pacific Ocean on February 9, 1971.

Finley purchased the Swiss movements Rolex GMT-Master replica watches in 1969 in Hong Kong at the Artland Watch Co. while he was on a week-long “shore leave” during the Vietnam War. His standard-issue field watch had flooded, and he knew he needed a reliable timekeeper. At the time, Finley didn’t know much about watches but heard the name “Rolex” from other service members and was lucky enough to find this Pepsi GMT.

This top super clone Rolex Ref. 1675 watches features a classic stainless steel build and relatively modern 40mm proportions. The Pepsi bezel has faded beautifully, and the dial has a gorgeous patina. The cheap replica Rolex watches up for grabs includes a full set with a Rolex box, GMT Pamphlet, Rolex wallet, punched Chronometer papers (with corresponding case and movement numbers to the watch), punched “Your Rolex Oyster” booklet, Cigarette card, and chronometer hang tag.

This exceptional 1:1 online Rolex fake watches went on to accompany Finley throughout his three decades of service, including the crucial Apollo 14 recovery mission where he co-piloted the helicopter that picked up the astronauts. In addition to the GMT, he also managed to acquire many of the historical artifacts to accompany the watch, which will be included in the auction.

The perfect replica Rolex “Pepsi” GMT-Master Ref. 1675 watches from 1968 will go up for auction this Friday, November 10 at 12 p.m. EST. Bidding will start at $9,500 and the watch is expected to sell for up to $30,000. For the full listing of the GMT and the full list of historical artifacts that accompany the lot, head over to Bob’s website.