Is The UK Luxury Platinum Rolex Perpetual 1908 Replica Watches With A Guilloché Dial Really That Good?

When it was unveiled last year, the Rolex Perpetual 1908 made quite a strong impression. I know that the brand doesn’t want to call it the successor to the Cellini line but the reality is that it is an Mk2 Cellini. The inaugural models were surprisingly appealing despite their minimalist, almost empty dials. Rolex isn’t really associated with the dress watch category – the dressiest reference would otherwise be a Day-Date. Still, with 1908, the brand has made a resounding entrance in the game, proving as refined and sophisticated as some of the usual suspects (VC, PP et al.). This year, the brand added a touch of traditional craftsmanship, an area of the industry where the brand is not necessarily overly present (spoiler: they are, more than one would think) by introducing this beauty: the perfect replica Rolex Perpetual 1908 watches in platinum with a truly stunning ice-blue guilloché dial. Time for us to give our verdict.

A reference to the year founder Hans Wilsdorf created the brand name Rolex, the very name of the Rolex Perpetual 1908 immediately communicated its intentions. It is a watch that pays tribute to the brand’s origins, to its past, to traditional watchmaking. It is, without a doubt, the brand’s vision of a classic dress watch, using most of the codes of the genre. Even though Rolex doesn’t really want to talk about it, the new AAA UK fake Rolex Perpetual 1908 collection watches was designed to replace the Cellini range (discontinued entirely in early 2023) with a sleeker look but, on the other hand, quite a lot to talk about regarding its technical execution. There was even an open caseback (in the world of Rolex, considered a revolution). The initial collection comprised four models, in white or yellow gold, with matte black or white dials. Discreet editions that were perfect to set the basis of the collection.

Now, the brand gives it a twist with a piece that’s more luxurious, more striking visually, subtly coloured and with a dial that has much more to tell… And it’s been done in a rather unexpected manner, with a guilloché dial.


Let’s talk about the important element in this context: the dial and its execution. First of all, we tend to overlook Rolex as a dial maker. Sure, the dials of many high quality Rolex replica watches – specifically within the professional range – are relatively simple, being lacquered with applied markers in precious metals. Don’t get me wrong, Rolex does great dials and the level of precision and refinement is there. It’s just that there’s nothing exceptional in this context. However, Rolex has genuine expertise in dial-making and has worked for decades in the field of rare materials (MoP, meteorites, natural stones) and gem-setting. And remember last year, the puzzling Day-Date 36 with a jigsaw dial? Well, that was made using a champlevé enamelling technique.

This year, with its Swiss made copy Rolex Perpetual 1908 Platinum watches, the brand introduces yet another traditional decorative craft to the equation, engine-turning. As we explained in this Technical Perspective article, there are multiple ways to create a so-called guilloché dial – traditionally on a rose engine or a straight-line machine controlled by the hand of a skilled engraver, in a slightly more industrial way on a replicating machine with a mechanical lathe, and then in fully-industrialized ways via CNC machining or stamping.

What about the ice-blue dial of the Rolex Perpetual 1908 Platinum? Well, as often with the brand, Rolex remains pretty discreet about the processes, but we’ve been told that it was done “the traditional way” using traditional guilloché engine-turning equipment and techniques. While I certainly don’t see a brand of the scale of Rolex manufacturing dials in the way specialized artisans do, the dial of this 1908 is done on hand-operated machines employing traditional methods. A closer inspection reveals a texture that has the traits of classic guilloché with visible marks of a cutting tool.

This striking, unexpected yet highly appealing dial comprises two distinct textures: a rice-grain motif covering most of the dial, with its rosette-like design and repeated pattern radiating from the centre of the small seconds counter and a double filet sauté with a crimped pattern framing the minutes track on the periphery of the dial. Some “industrial” techniques are, however, visible still in some areas. For instance, the recesses surrounding the logo, chronometer mention and small seconds are undoubtedly the result of a milling technique and not a traditional guilloché process.

In real life, the pattern appears far more delicate and appealing than in the brand’s official images. A close inspection reveals almost no visible flaws, while it is common for artisan-made, hand-guilloché dials to sport flaws (specifically on the borders of the textures), making some think that the best replica Rolex 1908 watches‘ dial was the result of CNC machining – which it isn’t. The result is refined, precisely executed and particularly appealing, making for a watch that doesn’t necessarily look Rolex but feels Rolex when looking at the technical side of things. When the crown does something, it usually does it right.

What’s clearly Rolex is the colour. The ice-blue tone chosen for this watch is not just a pretty colour; it is completely in line with other sought-after platinum cheap Rolex super clone watches from the brand, such as the Daytona reference 126506 or the Day-Date 40 reference 228236. What makes this 1908 different is the addition of a texture to this colour, resulting in a dial with more depth and more playfulness, as well as bringing the feeling of being a modern take on the traditional guilloché technique. The dial is, however, quite shiny, and the small seconds would have felt more “integrated” if it had its own much thinner texture too.

For the rest, we have the same design elements as last year’s versions, with a printed railroad minutes track, applied white gold markers combining faceted batons and numerals at 3, 9 and 12, and faceted polished white gold hands with a distinctive hour hand, connecting this watch to the rest of the collection – which could do, in my opinion, with a slightly different design.


For the rest, this Rolex Perpetual 1908 Platinum reference 52506 remains in line with the inaugural models of last year. We have an elegant, restrained case of 39mm in diameter, 9.50mm in thickness and about 47mm in length. What sets it apart is the use of 950 platinum, which doesn’t make it look much different from a white gold version but does give it a reassuring, high-quality heft on the wrist – platinum is about 25% denser than 18k gold. It is, without a doubt, a modern vision of a dress watch that plays on the larger side of the category, but the slim, pointy lugs and the use of a fine fluted pattern on the bezel add a touch of retro refinement that tones down its contemporary proportions – and, as a side note, the fluted pattern of the bezel echoes the dial’s filet sauté pattern, which in my eyes looks particularly appealing and consistent.

The 2024 online Rolex Perpetual 1908 replica watches, and particularly this new platinum version, is a watch of great elegance despite having a slightly frenetic use of textures. It all blends well when viewed from a certain distance – understand the standard eye-wrist distance. What you see here in the photos amplifies the patterns. It’s far more subtle and discreet in real life, even though this version appears more striking and polarizing than its gold counterparts. Like the dial, the case is superbly executed, with great attention to the finishing and assembly – nothing to be surprised at here; it’s a Rolex, after all.

Under the sapphire crystal back is the same calibre 7140 used inside the gold editions. Developed specifically for this collection, this automatic movement combines modernity and classism. Classic in its architecture, with a central rotor, a thin profile, and a visible ratchet wheel and barrel, it does, however, use the brand’s latest technologies. It is wound by a solid 18k rotor mounted on a ball bearing, and it incorporates the patented Chronergy escapement made of anti-magnetic nickel­-phosphorus as well as a much rarer technical solution, the Syloxi hairspring, produced by Rolex from silicon with a patented geometry (and not the blue Parachrom hairspring found on most other top replica Rolex watches). The regulating organ, with a variable inertia balance wheel regulated via two gold Microstella nuts, is held in place under a traversing balance bridge. The power reserve is comfortable, rated at 66 hours.

Having a sapphire back, Rolex made an effort regarding the decoration of the calibre 7140, giving it a more traditional and warmer appeal than that found on a calibre 32xx. It includes Rolex Côtes de Genève – a decoration that differs from traditional Côtes de Genève because of the thin polished groove between each band – a snailed barrel ratchet wheel, diamond-cut chamfers and faux-gold chatons around the rubies, which are milled directly on the bridges and then gilded. As expected, the movement is Superlative Chronometer and COSC certified (-2/+2 seconds/day).

The Rolex Perpetual 1908 Platinum is offered with a choice of a matte brown or matte black alligator strap with a green calfskin lining. It is closed by a Dualclasp (double folding clasp) in 950 platinum, which is fairly compact and looks good once closed.


The Swiss movements fake Rolex Perpetual 1908 Platinum Guilloche Dial watches is undoubtedly a visual success. The combination of an elegant, modern dress watch in platinum and this beautifully executed guilloché dial is impactful, elegant and adds a layer of traditional horological content to a brand that’s mostly regarded for its impeccable industrial execution. More than the visual appeal of this edition, it’s the strategic decision to engage in traditional craftsmanship that surprises me – in a good way. This collection was presented as “a tribute to the classic art of watchmaking”, and this latest edition does exactly that…

The Rolex replica watches for men could be improved in some aspects, but that’s more down to my own tastes rather than objective flaws (texture of the small seconds, different hour hand…). What’s real is that it wears almost perfectly and is both impactful, striking and characterful yet with an undeniable elegance and refinement.

My last comment concerns the price, a topic that my colleagues Frank and Robin covered in their recap of Watches and Wonders 2024. I know that 30k euros or dollars is, objectively, an enormous amount of money for “just a watch”. However, from a competitive point of view, I think that it is actually a fair price for a watch made of platinum with a traditionally executed guilloché dial bearing the name Rolex on the dial.

The Rolex Perpetual 1908 Platinum reference 52506 is part of the permanent collection and priced at EUR 31,300, USD 30,900, CHF 29,600 or GBP 26,600.

Is UK Top Rolex Fake Watches A Non-Profit Company?

If you don’t recognize the name Rolex as a luxury watch brand, then you may have been living under a rock. Did you know that best Swiss Rolex replica watches is also a non-profit? It’s a complicated situation that is extensively debated on the internet.

In this article, we’ll explore whether or not high quality Rolex fake watches is indeed a non-profit and what that means for the company and its shareholders.

Is it True that Rolex is a Non-Profit Organization?

This is a complex question to place on a complex company structure. To put it plainly, AAA UK replica Rolex watches is actually a conglomerate of several companies that are headed by Rolex S.A. If that wasn’t complicated enough, these companies also own small portions of one another.

While it’s a minor oversimplification, they all fit under the canopy of Rolex S.A. which is owned entirely by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. It is the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation that is recognized by the Swiss government as a charitable trust. According to Swiss law, this means they pay no taxes.

This standing in the Swiss government as a charitable trust is why some like to call Rolex a non-profit company, but you must remember that it’s a Swiss company and cannot be defined by US laws and designations. So while perfect Rolex copy watches itself is technically a for-profit company, it’s owned by a non-profit organization.

Charitable Organization

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, created the Foundation to commemorate his wife, Florence May Wilsdorf-Crotty when she passed in 1944. At the time he was the sole owner of cheap replica Rolex watches and all of his shares in the company went to the Foundation. When he passed in 1960, five Foundation trustees took control of the company. They served as custodians, not owners, not shareholders. Their job was to continue Rolex S.A. in its intended spirit and take care of a chosen list of secret charities.

Not all of those charities remained secret. They fund The Rolex Institute which handles the company’s philanthropic activities, The Rolex Awards for Enterprise which rewards men and women around the world whose work is designed to improve life on earth, and The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative which aids the transmission of artistic knowledge from one generation to the next.

Rolex super clone watches for sale does indeed donate large portions of its profits to charity and other social issues, specifically focusing on the environment, science, and the arts. This foundation is involved in a number of organizations like art institutions, sports associations, entrepreneurial programs in developing countries, scholarships, apprenticeships, watchmaking schools, orphanages within and outside of Switzerland, and many more.

What is a Non-Profit anyway?

There are many types of non-profit organizations, but 1:1 Rolex replica watches is not one of them. As you read this article, you might be wondering what exactly a “non-profit” is. The word “non-profit” means that a business does not make money for its owners and shareholders. In other words, its purpose is not to be profitable — but it still needs earnings in order to stay afloat (and thus continue operating).

A non-profit organization is defined by Cornell Law School as:

“a group organized for purposes other than generating profit and in which no part of the organization’s income is distributed to its members, directors, or officers.”

If you’d like to make a generalized and sweeping statement, non-profits do make a profit, but those profits are distributed in a different manner.

Does Rolex Still Make Money?

Does Rolex still make money? Yes, it does. Luxury Rolex fake watches still makes a lot of money and will continue to do so in the future. The company has been around for over a century and has made its name by offering high-quality products and services. With a reputation like that, you can be sure that people will keep buying their products for years to come!

Rolex obviously makes revenue (reportedly, over $11.5 billion in 2023) and from this revenue, they pay the salaries of their watchmakers, their operating expenses and manufacturing costs. The remaining funds are funneled back into the company or go to a secret list of charities and then to the bank.

Because of their status as a charitable foundation, Rolex and the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation are under no legal obligation to release any information about their financials. Some have speculated, using the minimal information available, that Rolex could operate for years with what has been tucked away into the company, without selling any replica Rolex watches online site. But this is all speculation.

Rolex as a Non-Profit: Final Thoughts

It’s clear that Rolex is technically a non-profit company. They are an extremely profitable company that makes billions of dollars every year, so people still question whether they should be considered a non-profit considering how much their Swiss made Rolex fake watches cost.

Because they donate so much money to charities and other organizations around the world, and are designated a charitable foundation legally, they qualify as a non-profit organization. What they don’t funnel back into the company itself does some good work around the world.

Cheap Swiss Replica Rolex Watches UK Of Masters Champions

From the iconic green fairways of Augusta National to the international stage of major tournaments, professional golfers have a passion for both the sport and the wristwatches they wear. Let’s explore the luxury Rolex replica watches that have graced the wrists of Masters Champions, delving into the stories behind these timepieces and the iconic players who wear them.

Tiger Woods – Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea Watches

A dominant force in golf, Tiger Woods returned to the Masters in 2019 after an 11-year hiatus. As he hoisted his trophy for his fifth Green Jacket, he was seen wearing Rolex’s famed ultra-engineered dive watch – the perfect UK fake Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea watches.

The golf legend and Rolex ambassador went for the 2018 Cameron D-Blue edition, which honors director James Cameron’s expedition to the Mariana Trench. Practical and durable, this AAA online Rolex copy watches is made of steel and has a Triplock screw-down crown, which gives it a 12,800-foot depth rating. It is also visually appealing thanks to its gradient blue-to-black face, broader bracelet, and redesigned lugs.

Scottie Scheffler – Fake Rolex Submariner Hulk and Rolex GMT-Master II Steel Everose Watches

World number-one golfer and Rolex testimonee Scottie Scheffler has access to just about any Rolex he pleases. The 27-year-old athlete donned two of the Swiss brand’s iconic timepieces to his Masters victories in April 2022 and 2024: the high quality replica Rolex GMT-Master II “Root Beer” and the Submariner “Hulk” watches.

During his first green jacket ceremony, Scottie chose the 2018 GMT-Master II “Root Beer” as his celebratory best Rolex super clone watches. This model features a modern steel and Everose gold finish instead of Yellow Rolesor and a glossy black dial with Chromalight-filled indices. These are accented with a black and brown bezel made of Rolex’s proprietary Cerachrom, hence the soda-centric nickname.

For his recent win, the New Jersey-native athlete opted for an appropriately colored Submariner: the ref 116610LV “Hulk”. Measuring 40mm wide, this Swiss made Rolex replica watches is crafted in steel with a ceramic bezel and dial in vibrant green. It is also noted for its enlarged indices and hands, which go well with the watch’s bulkier proportions.

Adam Scott – Rolex Milgauss Replica Watches

Having been a Rolex ambassador for more than 20 years, Australian pro golfer Adam Scott has amassed quite a collection. He is mostly drawn to The Crown’s vintage offerings ranging from rare Daytonas and GMT-Masters to gold Day-Dates. Thus, it is no surprise that he also fancies the now-discontinued Milgauss.

A steadfast member of Rolex’s catalog, the top 1:1 fake Rolex Milgauss watches is the Swiss brand’s signature anti-magnetic watch. Adam’s choice model is the ref 116400GV from 2007, equipped with a steel body, a black dial, and orange seconds hand shaped like a lightning bolt. Its most distinguishing feature is the fade-proof green sapphire crystal that turns virtually luminous at the beveled edges.

Jack Nicklaus – Rolex Day-Date 1803 Fake Watches

Jack Nicklaus, one of golf’s most prolific players, has left a lasting impression on the sport. He was the first player to win the Masters twice in a row and won 18 major championships in his nearly 50-year career. The watch that accompanied Jack in his pursuits was wholesale replica Rolex Day‐Date ref 1803 watches in yellow gold. It was gifted to him by Rolex in 1967 and has graced his wrist nearly every day for the next decades.

Jack’s Day-Date also measures 36mm with a rare champagne dial, characterized by tapered and faceted baton indices. Powering the China 2024 fake Rolex watches is a 26-jewel Caliber 1555, which offers a 42-hour power reserve. Jack auctioned off his prized possession in 2019 for the benefit of his Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation. Nowadays, he is seen with another solid yellow gold Day-Date but with a black dial.